Technical Translations

English or german to spanish.
Proofreading, technical writing.









My specialty is focused on the spanish translation of servicing instructions, operating manuals of turnkey industrial machinery operation, technical writing on software topics, scientific instruments and any other issues where the use of specialized terminology interferes an accurate translation when done by unexperienced translators.



Extensive know-how, acquired thru many years of servicing, installation and technical intervention in the fields listed below



  • Aeronautics
  • Computers, assembler programming
  • Nuclear sciences, radiation protection
  • Electricity
  • Almost every field in electronics
  • Electromedicine: Xrays, CT, NMR, imaging
  • Mechanics
  • Telecommunications


Fax and answering device:

54 11 54313192


54 9 11 44228282


Alejandro Rodolfo Winkler





ARWIN - Technical Translations - Buenos Aires - Argentina - March 2012